Alexander Technique Galway

Aisling Morgan is a teacher of the Alexander Technique, musician, performer and fiddle teacher. She is experienced working with tension and stress, as well as with helping student, professional and amateur musicians solve issues that arise in performing, singing, or playing an instrument.

If you have pain, strain, or tension, or you simply want to learn a way to improve your posture or how you sit, stand, move, or play an instrument
Call Aisling on 083-8415525


I sing for a living and had been going through a period of losing my voice regularly. Aisling’s teaching allowed me to release the tension that I was creating in my body and gave me a space in which to relax with the performance. My voice got stronger both in timbre and character.

Conor O’Brien (The Villagers)


“Aisling helped me to manage my demanding professional career and busy life situation when my mind and body were breaking down. I would strongly recommend Aisling to anyone looking for better direction in mind and body”

Peter Burke, Limerick