Fiddle Lessons Galway

Aisling Morgan has been teaching traditional Irish music on the fiddle to students at all levels and of all ages for over fifteen years. She holds a 1st Class Honours BA in Irish Music and Dance and MA in Irish Traditional Music Performance from the University of Limerick. Following her studies in UL she tutored there for over three years, facilitating weekly performance skills workshops for BA music students. Since then Aisling trained as an Alexander Technique Practitioner which has enabled her to help people with tension and stress. This is especially useful when it comes to teaching musicians how to avoid pain and stain and how to play the fiddle with greater ease. Given the current pandemic, Aisling’s teaching is now all happening online so if you are interested in joining a class or booking some one to one lessons over Zoom or Skype please contact Aisling via the email address below or through the contact page.