Fiddle Lessons, Galway City

One-to-one Fiddle lessons

I have been teaching the fiddle for over fifteen years. I hold a BA in Irish Music and Dance and an MA in Irish Traditional Music Performance from the University of Limerick.  I tutored on a weekly basis in UL for over three years in performance skills and also fiddle. I currently offer weekly one-to-one fiddle lessons and enjoy teaching people of all ages and at all stages.

Learning is most effective in a relaxed, easy-going and fun environment and this is what I provide 🙂 My fiddle students are eager and excited to practice between lessons. I think it’s important that it does not feel like a chore, that you are enjoying the learning process and of course the results.

I play traditional Irish music mostly and so this is what I teach. I’m choosy enough about tunes and only teach and play really good ones! 🙂

As an Alexander Technique teacher, I also help beginners and experienced musicians avoid pain and strain and play with greater ease.

To discuss fiddle lessons, please call Aisling on 083-8415525